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Hair-Thickening System
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Fortifying Shampoo
Replenishing Conditioner
Nighttime Follicle
Renewing Serum
Instant Volumizing Soufflé

Hair-Thickening System
Online-Only Offer

Daily maintenance should go beyond pampering. OOKISA™ Daily Maintenance formulas infuse legendary Eastern botanicals with supportive factors from Western science. With every purifying wash and strengthening rinse, hair will feel and look youthfully vibrant.
  • Fortifying Shampoo - Purify, clarify and strengthen.
  • Conditioner - Immediate hydration. Easy management.
  • Follicle Serum - Gives hair a breathtaking lift, while toning and
    fortifying the inner structures of scalp, cuticles
    and follicles.

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"My hair was smoother and shinier within the first few days" - Mona L.


OOKISA is a breakthrough in hair care, with revolutionary volumizing formulas that breathe new life into fine, thin hair. Asian botanicals help nourish damaged hair back to a shiny, healthy state, while advanced ingredients like Keravis increase hair strength up to 175%± to reduce breakage and fallouts. The result? Mesmerizing shine, youthful body and infinite
volume. More »

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†In independent clinical testing, OOKISA Instant Volumizing Soufflé was shown to increase hair volume by 53% and reduce static by 39% and OOKISA Replenishing Conditioner was shown to reduce hair breakage by 78% after a single application.
±Study conducted in 2008 by Croda Chemicals Europe demonstrated that conditioner incorporating Keravis improved bleached hair strength by 175%, when compared to hair treated with no conditioner.

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